10 tips for buying shoes online

When it comes to shoes, many people have doubts about completing the order, that’s why we want to give you an easy guide with 10 tips that will help you avoid the most common mistakes made when buying shoes online. Read more at woman shoes store!

The right store (page)

The first mistake to avoid is the page, make sure you choose one that has a reliable history, study the comments on the experience of other buyers, if the brand or page has a physical store much better because it guarantees a solid activity and experience in the field.

Evaluate the return and exchange policies

If they are particularly severe in their favor, it’s time to start being suspicious about the origin of this online store or site.


buying shoes online represents, for the most part, trust in the images they offer of the product. Make sure the website displays images large enough to evaluate all angles of the shoe in detail so you can view them from multiple perspectives.


Although the image can help you choose, this is not the whole story. By looking at the materials used to make the shoe, you can get an idea of its texture and weight. Locate the description of the details, read it carefully and if you have any doubts don’t be afraid to contact customer service.

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This applies to what we said about: the product photo may not show the exact color. The description may help and in any case remember to contact the supplier’s customer service.

The right size

One of the crucial issues in buying shoes online is choosing the right size. In fact it is the essential part of the procedure, check that the size offered on the page is the right one for your country or region, European sizes can vary a lot from American sizes.

Start with the right foot

Many buyers are unaware that both feet are not the same size. If you cannot count on the support of a direct seller from a physical store, here is a valuable contribution; it goes hand in hand with the procedure of the previous point #6, measure both feet and take into account the measurement of the longest foot.

the first order is always a test

When you buy a brand of shoes for the first time, order only one model, so you can try the right size. Once you’ve found the right shoe, feel free to buy the other models you like.

Try them on immediately

Without removing their labels, try on your new shoes immediately, so that you can return them if something is not right in the time stipulated by the online store.

Try them on at home

This way you will avoid damaging them and then it will be impossible to return or exchange them, try them on at home and carefully it will be a good idea.

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